PRODUCT NAME:Watch tracker
 Locator functional requirements should have the following basic features:
3.1 self-checking function
 Locator will test itself when the device work in the power, and self-test results reported to the backstage management system.
3.2 Real-time monitoring function
Locator can send real-time location information according to pre-established time interval to the back office systems; the content including time, longitude, latitude, direction, status. The minimum time interval can be set as: 30 seconds, maximum interval time: 30 minutes。
 3.3 E-fence management
Background management system can be pre-positioning 4 electronic fences (rectangular area) in the internal storage , when the moving target leave the electronic fence, the positioning system will alarm to management back-system initiatively.
 3.4 Emergency features
If the moving target is in an emergency situation, press the locator button on the emergency, the positioning system will automatically dial one of four pre-stored relatives’ contact telephone numbers, and emergency information will be sent to the background management system.
3.5 Voice Monitor Function
If the moving target is in an emergency situation, press the locator button on the emergency, the positioning system will open on-site voice monitoring function automatically, which can clearly hear a moving target on-site voice in the background management system.
3.6 Dead zone compensation
when the locater is in no GPRS signal area and location information can not be uploaded, locator will upload and save the information in accordance with a pre-mined interval of time. When the locator leaves the blind, it will upload the information accordance with x seconds in first time.
3.7 Low-voltage warning function
Locators’ voltage drops below threshold, the positioning system will take the initiative to report the low-voltage warning message to the backstage management system, while positioning system voice prompts, such as: power is not enough, please charge!
3.8 Open and close the e-fence function
Background management system can be configured to open and close locator’s electronic fence function.
3.9 Modify the Center Address Online Function
Admin modify the system through the wireless center locator address (IP and port), the parameter is set to restart after the positioning device, to take effect.
3.10 Emergency call set-up function
It can set up emergency call inside the locator by wireless mode; the number of calls is to four. When a moving target is in an emergency situation, these telephone numbers are used for contacting.
3.11 Center number set-up function
It can set up a center number for locator by wireless mode, (i.e., SIM card number), after the success, the locator can only accept and response the control instructions from this number.
3.12 Point query function
Locator can accept the location request from emergency calls (4), received location query request, the positioning system will set its own current (or last time valid location) messages to the other phone.
3.13 Communications Data Encryption
The communication of locator and system data transmit in accordance of the provisions encryption.
3.14 Two-center model
Locator support two-center connection mode, which is pre-storing the two centers address in one locator.
3.15 Dual-channel transmission
Locator supports dual-channel transmission, in the default state, the upstream information dual-channel upload to central severs in GPS means. Downlink information (all kinds of set-instructions) can be sent through GPRS mode, and can also be sent to locator via SMS mode.
Communication agreement including two types working ways, it transmits in TCP mode;
 1. Locator sends data packets to the backstage management system, referred as upstream.
 2. Back management system send control instructions to locator, referred as downlink.

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